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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 3, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> three days to g. polls are showing the race is incredibly close . we have an all-star line up for you. presidential cand date and fox news hote e host mike huckabee and jan brew yer rudy julual and you will hear from key representatives from both campaigns. death tollfrom super storm sandy is 109. power out ages could last for days and no sign of help. many people are suffering in the aftermath. we are live with the latest on the recovery effort. new developments on the benghazi terror attackings. sources telling fox news that
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security was so bad officials were considering suspending operations. hello. i am uma kumarajo. america's news headquarters right now. hello, everybody. we begin with the final push for the white house. governor mitt romney is chris crossing with stops new hampshire and colol and ohio. and president obama also has stops planned in wisconsin and virginia still to go. we have live team coverage over the next two hours and chief white house correspondant edhenry. first governor romney will end his day. >> good afternoon. there is talk on the campaign trail about something that president obama said yesterday when he was in ohio.
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he does this and said something about governor romney and the audience said don't boo but vote. he talked about senate cand date governor romney was opposed to clinton tax increases. listen to where he took that yesterday. at the time the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of romney. no, no, no. don't boo vote. vote. vote is the best revenge. voting is the best revenge. that is not a thing for the president to say. romney campaign has a new adout that looks as a strange thing for the president to say and an odd reason to vote. mitt romney worked that in new hampshire speech.
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>> yesterday, the president said something you may have heard by now that surprised a lot of people. speaking to the audience. he said voting is the best revenge. he told supporters voting for revenge. vote for revenge? let me tell you what i would want to tell you. vote for love of country. governor romney will be talking about that the rest of the day . last night a huge rally in westchester, ohio to kick off the final three days of the election. more than 18,000 by local officials count there . governor romney has moved away from all of the christicism of reasons to vote against president obama and here are reason to rote for mitt romney and driving the optimism for america's future. >> we are four days away from a fresh start. four days away from the first
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day of a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead are nt on hollow rhetoric but on solid plans and unshakable faith in the american spirit. >> expecting a lot of people in the aphitheater in colorado . 1.4 million early votes and republican leading with 547,000. and democrats at 397,000 and uma. >> thank you very much. and our election team coverage continues with ed henry who is with the obama campaign. ed? good to see you. perspective on where the president is in the reelection. came here this morning to mentor a high school team and being with john mccain . the waning days in the 08
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campaign john mccain came out with j the plumber. you remember one of his surrogates and beating up on senator barack obama and only 4000 people fit and democrats said john mccain can't get big crowds and then senator obama was nearby cleveland, the final weekend of an outdoor crowd of 80,000 people . this morning, barack obama is coming to the gym where john mccain and giving you on the perspective of enthusiasm being down. the president will bring out celebrities as he goes with yay z and stevie wonder and bruce springsteen and having concerts and rallis and trying in the early votersing states like ohio and florida and like colorado where their they are getting the early vote out there. and two other thing that is the president is trying to d heh
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enthusiasm. he is not the candidate of change and mitt romney is the cand date of change. the president bushing back and tough on mitt romney and said he is recycling old failed economic policies of the past . that is one way to push back and number two. president said in states like ohio there is progress on the economic front. not enough. there is more ways to go. but here is progress. and the unemployment state wide is 7 percent and that is better than the national rate . if they can win here in ohio and wisconsin where the president will be. he will have a midwestern fire wall to prevent mitt romney from getting 270 electoral votes. sunshine state of florida is a key state with 29 electoral votes and most with all swing state in play it is close. latest numbers are showing in
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a new poll how tight the race is at the moment with the president slightly ahead. but looking at the clear politics average. goch gov romney has the edge. joining us now republican connie mack. great to have you here today. >> thank you for having me. good to be with you. >> early voting ends in the state where the turn out is big and people have been waiting for hour to vote. are you surprised by the large turn out in the early voting? >> i am not surprised at all. i think that a lot of people in the state of florida who are not happy with the we have been going in this country and they want real change and excited to go out and vote for mitt romney. it is independents and democrats, too. it shows the pent-up frustration that people have and they want to get the
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country back on the right track and that's why they are stand nothing line. >> democrats wanted early voting extended and governor scott no. what impact is that having there? >> you can tell by the lines people want to engage in the election and they are out in force. they are standing in lines and waiting to vote. but we have a certain amount of time for early vote we have a time for absentee ballots to come in and then on tuesday, election day . so there is plenty of time for people to get to the polls. >> the iowa corridor is a key spot. and 40 percent of the voters live in that area. seniors are worried about health care. why is the race so close right now. i think a lot of the seniors in the state of florida are concerned that with obama care, they know they are going to lose medicare advantage. there is a million seniors in
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the state of florida who will lose medicare advantage . president obama and senator nelson whacked away medicare advantage for our seniors and that is concerning and that's why the intensity is up in the state of the florida for republicans. >> in the final days before the election, what is the ground game going to be like? >> get out to vote. we are traveling around the state. i have my bus tour and the romney campaign is focused in the state of florida are getting out the vote and after the election, the story that everyone will be talking about is how well the ground game was done for mitt romney and for me and others to make sure our republican voters get out to the polls, and also independents that have been identified as votes for romney and me. >> i know you have a race going on as well how is your race shaping up at this point? >> it is very good.
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we feel like we will win by a couple of pointos election day. senator nelson said one thing to the state of florida and done another thing in washington d.c.. and the people in the state of florida want somebody to stand up for them and that's what i will do. >> it is going to be engaging day on election day and into the night. thank you for joining. and you keep close watch as we are, too. and thank you and all of the best to you. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll go back to ohio where the campaign is making a final pitch. his campaign spokeswomen is there. >> hi, great to be here. >> nice to have you. i want to talk to you about the ground game. there is buzz about the president's comment in springfield, ohio say thag voting is the best revenge against governor romney. in the closing days, some are asking what happened to hope
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and change and why talk of revenge? >> i being the context here is important. we are here in ohio this morn in ohio yesterday and the president reminding people in the state that mitt romney is closing the campaign that is all scare tactics and scaring autoworkers in the state . lage out false statements about them losing their jobs and he wanted to make sure if they don't like the policiless they don't like the plan he's presenting for the middle class go to voting booth and cast their battle and nothing more complicated than that. >> and i know the presidents meet with fema officials and folks are suffer negligent aftermath of hurricane sandy, pleading for faster aid response. the president is promising to cut the red tape. what is he doing about it right now? >> i have been with him the last two days and every time he gets off of the stage he's on the phone with local officials and first responders
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and mayors and governors and focused on every moment . day to make sure they are resources and i know he spoke to a number of officials in new york and hopefully they will get more of the response they are looking for. >> coming back to the economy. he said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of the first term and unemployment rate would be 5.2 and yet we have 23 million people unemployed despite the fact that 175,000 jobs were added. economt say it is slow. what is your message to voters who are frustrated to the record. >> the message is, the president came in the wort economic recession and thirty-three 32 straight months of private sector job growth and we know we are move nothing the right direction and needs to goer. the president has a better plan and vision for the middle class. >> and regarding libya. a number of congressam leaders
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are upset by the white house continuing to ignore the request for information and on the libya attack that kill would four americans and charging there is a cover up under way. does the president owe the american people a full accounting of what he knew before election day. >> the president is clear and our record shows this as information as become available we made it available to the american people. this is a tragedy but this is not time for politicalizing a tragedy. this is a time for getting down and figuring out what happened and releasing that information and learning from that and moving forward. that's what the president is doing. >> why would it be polilizing if you are just trying to get the facts of four americans kill and would why not answer the questions as to what happened? >> well, we have been releasing information. the administration i should
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say has been releasing as it is available. it is a tragic event. when the president is on the phone with a national security team he's focused on making sure we get to the bottom and making that information available. as you know, the administration is participating with reports and investigations that are going on across the government. and as soon as that information is available and final report is completed, that will be released. but this is not time to treat it like a football. american people deserve that. >> and thank you for joining us. and i know you have a crowd behind you and a busy weekend for all of you. wish you all of the best. >> it will be. >> thank you for joining us. >> 25 million people in district of columbia will vote early in the election. a third of all votes are expected to be cast before the actual election day. did you vote early and was it
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worth it or do you follow a traditional path and wait until election day? tweet your answers at hurricaneuma. i would love to read your answers later on in the show. and turning to a story that raises concern. the storm after the storm. there are more than 900,000 people who don't have power in new york and new jersey. residents are pleading for help for the basics to getting food and water and shelter and now news that another winter storm is on the way. many people in the area may not have power for another week. images of gas stations with long line and president obama just ordered 12 million gallons of gasoline sent in the region and new jersey governor issued a executive order rationing gas in 12 counties. it is from staten island and
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the devastation is very, very apparent. ana? >> it is very true, uma, hurricane sandy responsible for 169 deaths n and 22 of those right here on staten island. it is three hundred yards from the atlantic ocean. in this neighborhood there is not a home not completely destroyed. the business here has been in the family years and years, not only lost his business but home, too. we spoke to residents and town leaders and they were fed up with the red cross and federal government. they say aid is slow to come and begging for food, water and blankets. we have seen national guard boots on ground and handing out information and manning two distribution centers. really trying to get out information for fema as well. new york governor andrew cuomo
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is pledging 100 million from the state for hurricane sandy victims and said transportation is improving. 80 percent of the subways service has been restored, that is under literally under one week. 80 percent of the subway has been restored from what was horrendous damage. and the worst damage that the subway system had ever seen. well, governor cuomo announced five emergency mobile gas station will be set up in the new york city area with free gas and limit of 10 gallons per person. and new jersey governor with odd and even. residents with even will buy gas on even days. we have seen dozens of volunteers and organizing themselves via facebook and twitter and bringing their own
9:18 am
tools and shovels and garbage bags and helping out fellow man. >> it is a toughuation. i hope they get the help they need fast. >> thank you very much. >> from hope and change to revenge? you heard the president's remarks and will the final days of the campaign go negative. many say the election is still about the economy. unemployment rises and what these numbers mean for tuesday . also our panel. juan williams and monica crowley will join us next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta.
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>> three days and the presidential race is a dead
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heat. poth stand at 46 percent . makes key states more important. juan williams and monica crowley are here to look at numbers and tell us what the candidates can do in the final days. welcome to both of you. >> nice to be here. >> hi, uma. >> the jobs report came out and do you think that adding 170,000 jobs in a month in the final days that news will impact at a time when we have 23 million people unemployed and one out of the six people in poverty and what impact will that have? >> i think most people have made up the mind. the negative is at the heart of gop's mitt romney's campaign . contradictory message is you look at consumer confidence. jobs report yesterday and look at wall street record highs and corporate profits and they
9:24 am
are saying we are going in the right direction. but the facts are. you have good moment where you have good feeling and that's good news for the president.t k, he side stepped something if the numbers were bad, you can imagine the republican campaign. >> what do independents want? are they undecided at this point? >> they might be and the race in terms of the popular vote is so close. it being make a difference. the president had a good week with the storm . governor christie's complimentary can comment and the jobs report that signaled progress being made. >> two problems for the president. first of all with the hurricane and appearance on the new jersey coastline, look that was important. but this is the bear minimum of what we expect from the president of the united states. you have a gnarl disaster and national emergency. this is his job can and what
9:25 am
we expect. he will not get traction politically of that. and the job jobs go look. american people and you are seeing it reflecting in the polls and mitt romney's momentum. they reyect they understand presidents have turned around grim economic situations in one term. namely ronald reagan. he limited government and lowered taxes and regulatory reform and the opposite thingings of what barack obama has done . he had a recovery whenwhere we gained 800,000 jobs a month and we had a economic growth rate of 5-9 percent. and that's not what is happening now . politicings is a perception game, among the american people things are not getting better they are stag instant. >> and talk about the final push in the last few days. the president plans ohio, wisconsin and iowa and
9:26 am
colorado and new hampshire and go back to wisconsin on monday. what does this say about the president's strategy at this point juan? >> this election. we talk about the horse race and the numbers being close. it comes down to the swing states and specific to ohio and right now fyou look at swing states with the exception of north carolina, in most of the swing states. president obama has the lead and some cases it is a narrow lead and he has the advantage. i think that is where both candidates are going to be in the midwestern states and that's what they consider their fire wall and mitt romney is trying to expand the map . you can see he, too, will be in the midwestern statings. >> mitt romney not leaving anything to chance special traveling to pennsylvania. what do you think about that? >> you can tell a lot about a campaign in the waning days and shape and what they are thinking by where they put their time and spend their
9:27 am
time and resources. president obama is now force to play defense in a lot of state that is he thought he would win easily like wisconsin and minnesota and pennsylvania, now. where governor romney is putting out couple millions worth of ads and doing a big rally in pennsylvania tomorrow. they think that that is winable . it looks like the race is tilting strongly to governor romney and he is putting resource in ohio a key state and other states where president obama had it locked up. not anymore. >> let ask you about benghazi. do you think that the president owes it to the american people to talk about what he knew about the election . talking about the investigation and obviously not completed until after the election. but he's not answering the questions they are asking . not getting responses. do you think that the american public needs to come clean.
9:28 am
>> the cia came out with a time line andment defense department explained their actions in terms of defending what is going on . director of national intelligence initial analysis it was tied to the video and testimony in congress. fox polls this week that indicated that americans have strong concerns about the handling of libya and most don't think that the president is lying. in terms was does the president have to speak out. anything he said would have a strong political. >> vi10 seconds. >> yes, of course the commander-in-chief should be laying out the time line and talking to the american people exactly whamed. his personal representative, the u.s. ambassador was kill would along with two navy seals and a long time ambassador. four merrence are dead and time line is contradistrictory and heard flat out lies from the white house and administration.
9:29 am
he should level with the american people and with the election comes on tuesday, he will nolt. >> great to see you. i know you will follow it all the way through. >> thank you for being here today. >> tomorrow morning, don't miss "fox news sunday". chris wallace will sit down with the director and david axelrod and check your local listingings. and the cia laid out a time line of what happened before and after the attack on the consulate in libya. and now there is a challenge to that act. house of foreign relation committee explains what this information means for the investigation. coming up next. don't go away . [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar...
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>> the cand dastes scheduled for the final days show cluse of where they hope to make key
9:34 am
moves in the electorial college vote. right now. goch gov and president obama talking to a rally in ohio and making final pitch in the key swing states. molly has more on that and the rest of the top stories. >> both have packed schedulings. right now gom gom is on the rally to iowa. he start in new hampshire and will end in colorado . president obama will finish up in ohio and head to wisconsin, iowa and virginia. >> fox obtained exclusive information showing that the state department was warned about security concerns about the consulate in lib rabefore the attack. u.s. officials in benghazi came up with a plan to close the consulate and move to the cia annex. it was secretary to secretary of state less than a month before the attack. sound of residents cleaning up
9:35 am
will replace the runners in new york city. mayor bloomburg decided to cancel the world's largest mara thon after a outcry from angry residents. they will guarantee their entry for next year's race. >> it is that time of year again. don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. daylight savings is two can lock tomorrow morning. and those are the top stories and none of us have a good excuse for being late to church or work tomorrow. and viewers, if you would like to see the president speaking in the rally. it is streamog fox >> those new documentsing the libya attack are raising questions about security concerns and why the administration failed to respond to a request for help
9:36 am
when the consulate was under attack. florida congressman, welcome and thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for the opportunity operations in libya were to be suspend moved to a cia an lex there. what do you make of this? >> this label explains why the administration so quick to lie yes, lie and repeatedly because this cable shows that the obama administration had been warned explicitly in a detailed way that the security situation in benghazi deteriorating rapidly and that the personnel there could nolt with stand a coordinating attack. and the cable points out there were 10-15 training catches was islamic militants training
9:37 am
nearby the consulate and that the security personnel there had requested additional help and a request turned down once and again, and again. and so this cable is disturbing. it shows that the administration had been told. we do not have enough personnel to with strand a coordinated attack. we have extremist nearby . we are requesting additional help and yet what we got from the administration time and again, no help for the people in benghazi, and lying to the american public and this explains why they were talking about a spontanous demonstration and why the administration was blaming it on a video. because they knew that if the word got out that they were explicitly warned one month before the emergency meeting and the cable went to everyone. they decided to do nothing. four americans died and that
9:38 am
is what the american public needs to remember. >> in one of those vocal critics is antior john mccain saying that the obama administration is a classic scandal and cover up with water gate overtonings, do you agree with that? >> i think it is far worse than a cover up. a cover up is bad enough and i do believe that there a cover up . i agree with what ambassador john bolton said. he think is it part of the vision they have and the ideology of the obama administration that has blinded them from the very real threats that consulate in benghazi was facing or that any americans serving over seas is facing. not only have the senators sent 7 letters requesting information from the white house they have yet to receive. i in my capacity have sent letter after letter to
9:39 am
administration officials asking for the documents just like i am asking for the classified document that fox news has and time and time again, we are left with a closinged and classified briefing. this is an administration that doesn't want to tell the truth to the american public and don't want to do it in a open setting. we are callog the administration to come cleann and come and appear before our committee on foreign affairs and explain about this document. when they received the classified cable, saying that the benghazi consulate was under siege, that the deteriorating situation is more violent every day, and that in fact the repeated violence in their words the new normal, nothing done about it and the request for additional security was denied. shame on the administration, four americans died.
9:40 am
congresswoman, thank you for your thoughts. we appreciate your comments. >> you bet. thank you. and if ohio is particularlyy close, there is a chance the presidency could hinge on the buck eye state. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us live in ohio and we'll check with him next . next hour, we'll talk to former new york mayor and candidate ruly guiliani and how his state is dealing with the aftermath of super storm sandy where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> welcome back. the final weekend before the big election. president obama and mitt romney making ohio the final priority.
9:45 am
and mitt romney made 11 trips and here's why. a rasmussen poll show they are tied. the president has a small lead . joining us with perspective from the swing state of the ohio is mike huckabee. joining us today. welcome to have you here today. >> great to be with you from columbus, ohio. i know you have a big show out of ohio . so many believe that the fate of president obama and mitt romney hinges on that state . what are you hearing about the mood of the electorate. >> i think in the south it is tight as a tick on a dog which means it is very, very razor close. i do sense there is eye -- an momentum for mitt romney. there is energy on the part of the romney voters and you can see it when the crowds and
9:46 am
voters and i don't see that barack obama. he his the union voterss and younger voters. but i don't see the enthusiasm and nothing like what that sort of the remarkable energy four years ago for him. >> the polls continuing and showing a tight race. and at this point, we are not seeing the president at 50 percent and when an uncumbent is not at 50 independents usually break away from the challenger in the final days of the campaign. >> that's the conventional wisdom in politicings. undecided voters break for the challenger because they know who the incumbent is. my goodness. they have seen him for four years. you have to wonder who is undecided. it is not like they are similar in the approach. it is like i can't decide because they are the same. they are very much different and i can't imagine a voters
9:47 am
being this close to the election and saying i can't make up my mind. i think the independent and undieded will break to the challenger and say let's give somebody else a chance. four ore years of what we had four years of. i don't see that helping us getting jobs. >> let me judge -- ask you about libya. are you surprised that mitt romney hasn't made this a front burner issue on the campaign trail? >> i think he's afraid to. because the national media hasn't made an issue of it. and he's not reaching out in the big blue sky and come up with something in the last minute. i am not hur it is the best one. i think it is a huge story and the most important story out there. and if the president and/or his administration or somebody, we don't know who yet. we know somebody lied to us
9:48 am
and a massive cover up and the story keeps change we have four dead americans that. is a big story and demands answers. and no one can get consistent answers. and if the national media other than fox news which has done a good job of covering it. particularly katherine and jennifer. other media outlets are not pushing it. i think mitt romney is the reluctant to go out on the point for it. >> i know you have a big show and urge viewers to tune in tonight. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. in this razor thin election voters fraud could play a role. still to come. eric shawn lookings at illegal activity in ohio. a state that could determine who takes the white house .
9:49 am
a brand new jobs report shows that american economy remains at a stand still. and where are the jobs in and i will be talking to arizona governor jan brewer, a romney supporter of how she's getting jobs back to her state . three days until the big election. we are live in the most important swing states of this race. ohio, virginia and florida. we'll take you there in hour two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol. ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer lease a 2013 glk350 for $399 a month
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>> welcome back, everybody. in the important state of the ohio which polls show razor close. there are allegations of voters fraud. we saw it in 2008, with the group ayorn now charges it happened yet again. eric shawn is joining us from mansfield, ohio with more. eric? >> hi, uma, adolph hitler. that name has appeared on an ohio voters registration card all part of the fraudulent voters registration here in ohio right on the eve of the 2012 election. that name was part of a batch
9:54 am
much 200 or so names that officials in cincinnati are forged. frauds or dupplicate. it was flagged by the company that submitted the name. field works. it is a company based in washington d.c. that conducts voters registration and ballot drives and describe them working with democratic and progressive causes . but one of the members . board of elections told us that accusations of voters registration fraud undermind democracy. >> person who would engage in that conduct with something serious to our democracy voting, is highly responsible and potentially criminal. last month this man pled guilty by reason of insanity that he forged signatures on ballot petition and he was working for field works and field works defended its
9:55 am
worker. a employee who reviews and categorized those who are incomplete and flag things that contain issues of fraud and be fraudulent. we have a high standard here and not 100 percent of the card we flag it back to the board of election. one of the former fired field works employees in cincinnati told us she didn't do anything wrong. she blames people tho who signed the cards for possible wrong doing. but authority in cincinnati referred that case to the local prosecutor and in cleveland, three field works workers were fired and referred that case to authorities there. and of course, if you suspect voters fraud or problems where you leave call us. uma. >> you are doing important work and keeping track for all of the poterrible voters fraud. thank you for updating us.
9:56 am
>> forget the polls. that's the number that the election could hang on is our country's unemployment rate and after the break. jan brewer talks about how it will impact the final push before election day. >> and check in with former new york mayor rudy guiliani and stay with us. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here
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